Are Getting Married

May 14th, 2016

Human Name

Jennifer JeanneMarie LaPlante

Jenn grew up in small town (Cowtown) Vacaville, California. Growing up in a bubble whose claim to fame was the Annual Onion Festival and Papa Roach allowed Jenn the freedom to be a talkative, dorky wild-child with weirdo quirks that would put Gonzo the Great to shame. Like most teenage girls, Jenn was completely boy-crazy and a romantic at heart. She'd hang out in her rooom, listening to Mariah Carey,flipping through her stash of Bop magazines, day-dreaming of when she would marry Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Leornardo Dicaprio, Jason James Richter (you know, the kid who freed Willy?), or perhaps even Jordan Catalano. She didn't know it yet, but luckily for Jenn none of these little losers would hold a candle to the love she would come to eventually find. After some college at Sonoma State Univeristy, Jenn took a leap and found herself in the fourth largest city in the U.S. - Houston, Texas. In July 2010, Jenn met Jeremy through mutual friends at a party where they quickly became best buds. She couldn't control her feelings, falling hard for his contagious signature laugh, kind-hearted spirit, drive to be positive and have fun, nerdy brain, and most of all - dat butt.

Aliases: Bozo, Jennifart, Jammie Jam Jenn, Uzi, Babia Majora

Human Name

Jeremy Glen (Glenn?) Webb

Jeremy is from Missouri City, Texas. Living in the Houston area has cultivated a passion for music, pizza, margaritas, and unnecessary road-rage. A lover of all things science, space, Houston sports, Batman, philosophical, and the hysterical, Jeremy grew a big brain with a heart to match. In February 2010, Jeremy met Jenn at a mutual friend's birthday party where she accidently drank too much wine, resulting in zero recolation of this event. That summer, the two met again at another birthday party at the West Alabama Ice House. After a long night of drinking and shenanigans, Jenn was kicking herself for not remembering him the first time! Jeremy's heart will always belong to his one true love - pizza. But since Jeremy can't marry that sweet slice of zza, he's settling on Jenn. Although she's a handful (and his problem now), he'll always love her for her silliness, smile, and generous heart.

Aliases: Bobo, JerPIZZAemy, Mr. Yellow Shoes, Lady Killer, Ari, Robo-Babe

First Brew at West Alabama Ice House
July 14th, 2010
I Choo-Choo Choose You
May 17, 2011
Mi Casa es Su Casa
August 4th 2011
Proposal in San Francisco, CA
December 23rd, 2014

Hotel Accommodations

The Magnolia Hotel Magnolia Hotel Houston
1100 Texas Avenue
Houston, TX 77002
The Magnolia Hotel Airbnb

Wedding Info

The De Gaulle Date & Time:
Cereomy will start at 5:00pm
Saturday, May 14, 2016

Both the Ceremony and Reception will be held at Ouisie's Table located on San Felipe Street.

Ouisie's Table
3939 San Felipe Street
Houston, Texas 77027

Registry Info

We love you all, and thank you so very, very much for your generosity! While we are appreciative of any presents we are blessed with, we are requesting gifts that will help us save toward our honeymoon and a new home. We have set up a wishing well via the link below:

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For those who prefer to give a traditional gift, we have a gift registry as well:

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YAS HONEY! The rumors are true. We will be celebrating our marriage with the hippest trip in America, as we boogie the night away with a funky, far out Soul Train at the reception.
Jeremy is a huge fan of the sweet seventies television show and would love nothing more than to get down with the most important people in he and Jenn's life.

Can you dig it?! Start practicing cool cats.
Soul Train